About Career Events

About Career events

Another good way of preparing yourself for the job market, as well as working on your skills, is visiting job and career events & fairs. Here you can find an overview of some of the specific career events. Whether you are Looking for a job? Or maybe you’re wanting to get a bit of advice from people who have been there and done that in your desired industry. Well, we advise you to get your behind along to a careers event. There are different types of careers events and what you can expect to do at careers events.

The career development center (CDC) hosts a variety of events during the academic year to support as you develop and pursue your career plans., we offer career events including fairs, employer networking events, and seminars/programs at which employers, professional organizations, students and alumni (graduate students) meet. Employers are looking to meet with students who may be a good fit for their organization.

Our events, fairs, programs and workshops provide an opportunity to actively engage in developing your career plans. These events are open to all students, alumni and staff.

Career events can help you gain:

  • An insight into potential career and industries
  • Get to meet and know about various jobs from recruiters themselves
  • An understanding of the skills and competencies employers are looking for in the recruitment process.
  • The ability to market yourself successfully online and personally
  • How to make your job application stand out and secure your interview?

Find out our events on calendar or through your Connect profile. Please note that our online calendar will be updated one week before each event.

Types of Career Events

Careers events come and can be grouped into three main categories: career fairs, career seminars and employer presentations. They’re great because of the following reasons:

You can meet employers, get top quality careers advice and maybe even find yourself a job or internship. “So, let’s explain in brief what happens at each careers event?

Career Fairs

Career fairs are held at the university and are usually focused on a specific sector, be it engineering, finance, law etc. At career fairs, graduate employers set up a fancy looking stand and hand out A LOT of freebies. throughout the year we offer a variety of different career fairs giving you the opportunity to meet employers.

We host an events that bring employers/recruiters/and students together right here on campus.

Career Seminars

Career seminars, on the other hand, are organized and hosted by AASTMT’s (CDC) that usually addresses a specific topic. For instance, CV workshops, a talk on using social media in networking and job search and a presentation on interviewing techniques, and many other topics would all fall under the category of career seminars. Will be professional trainers, guest speakers from a specific industry at these events, and there is usually the chance to network with these speakers after the presentation, which could lead to an internship or work experience!

Employer Presentations

Finally, employer presentations are usually organized by the employer. This also means that these career events are held at the employer’s office, as opposed to the university itself. These events allow you to gain an insight into life as employee at a specific company and you could even find out what your dream graduate job would be. Attendance to these events looks very impressive on your CV, as you’ve taken the time to learn more about opportunities at a specific company and have networked with employees who currently work there.

Workshops and Sessions help you explore career options and develop your interpersonal and professional skills

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself along to a careers event as soon as possible.

For more information about career events

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