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Dear Students and Alumni, here you’ll find useful supportive materials and help you as you begin creating the documents you will use to apply for your jobs. Whether you’re looking for advice on how to interview or the best way to market your- self to potential employers, the Career Development Center (CDC) offers a wide range of tip sheets to help you over the course of your college career and beyond.

Career Plans

Let the CDC help you figure out how to plan your career path, starting from the moment you step on campus as a first-year student.

  • Career plan for First year students (PDF)
  • Career plan for Sophomores (PDF)
  • Career plan for Juniors (PDF)
  • Career plan for Seniors (PDF)
  • Career plan for Graduate Students (PDF)
  • Tips for parents (PDF) 

 Internships and Social Media

When applying for internships, and graduate school, you’ll need to be prepared. Use these tip-sheets to learn more about crafting the perfect resume, elevator pitch, cover letter, and more.

  • Resume Writing (PDF)
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) (PDF)
  • Cover Letters (PDF)
  • Elevator Pitch (PDF)
  • Thank-You Note Writing (PDF)
  • Networking, and Informational Interview (PDF)
  • Building your professional image (PDF)
  • Networking Tips (PDF)
  • Using social media Tips (PDF)

  Graduate School

Once you decide if graduate school is right for you, use these tip-sheets to help you tackle the important steps to successfully complete your application.

  • Preparing for Graduate School (PDF)
  • Personal Statement (PDF)
  • MBA (PDF)

 Job Searching

There are many resources, tips, and strategies when it comes to searching for and applying to various opportunities. These tip-sheets provide information, resources, and best practices.

  • Job Search Strategies (PDF)
  • Networking, Informational Interviewing (PDF)
  • Career Fair (PDF)
  • Prepare for a Career Fair
  • Informational Interview questions list
  • be a professional
  • Maximize benefits of career Fairs


Interviewing is an essential skill that will help lead to landing internships, jobs, graduate school, and more. Use these tip-sheets to help you prepare for all types of interviews.

  • Interview Process (PDF)
  • Telephone Process (PDF)
  • Pass an Interview Guidelines
  • Thank – You Note Writing (PDF)
  • Sample Cover Letter
  • Sample Chronological Resume
  • Sample Reference sheet
  • Sample Interview Questions
  • Sample A Thank-Letter

 Job Offers

Whatever position you’re offered, you can always visit the CDC to review the offer and learn how to negotiate. The Job Offer and Negotiations (PDF) tip-sheet focuses on information and advice about negotiating offers.

Tip-sheets for Alumni

Check out our tips for writing an effective resume and how to get on the right track to find your dream job.

  • Services and Resources for Alumni (PDF)
  • Resume writing for Alumni (PDF)
  • Career Shift for Alumni (PDF)

 Mentor Program

  • Mentee Fact Sheet
  • Mentor Fact Sheet

 Other Resources

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