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Dear Faculty and Staff Members:

Welcome to the Career Development Center (CDC) web site for faculty and staff. We appreciate the vital role you play here at The AASTMT and value the importance of the impact you have on AASTMT students. In your role as staff or faculty, students approach you with questions related to choosing majors, finding internships, applying to graduate school or getting jobs.

This page presents all of the information you need to make effective referrals to our programs and services.

(CDC) created this web site for you to use as a swift reference to career related information for your own use. If you can’t find what you are looking for here, or, if you have any questions or would like to talk with anyone of (CDC) team, feel free to contact us at (03) 4254319, 4252058, 42628756. (Ext: 3216)

Mobile & what’s app: 01102020126

Or send us an e-mail to : cdc@aast.edu

We look forward to assisting you and your students.



1- Referring Students/Alumni


Faculty and staff are encouraged to refer students to The Career Development Center. We work with undergraduate and graduate students along with alumni. We can:

  • Help the student identify his or her interests, skills, and values including the use of career assessments, when appropriate. We use Focus 2 Career assessment tool.
  • Help the student explore possible careers related to his or her major
  • Assist with the internship search and preparation
  • Deliver resume writing and Critique, cover letter writing, and interviewing skills training courses and workshops.
  • Help students identify job search resources and conduct an effective job search
  • Help students and Alumni find resources that could help them to apply to graduate schools

In addition to a referral for use of our services, you can simply

  • Encourage students to make a scheduled appointment by calling 941-7640
  • Encourage students and alumni to register with our job, internship/resume database system
  • Encourage students to use our online resources for career planning (assessment tools), job search (resumes, cover letters, interviewing, job search strategies), and graduate/professional school application



  • Faculty members are always welcome to visit, contact us to join our (CDC) staff meetings, or tours with employers visiting campus.
  • Encourage employers, possibly alumni, who may contact you directly, to participate in our recruiting program and to register with our job, internship/resume database system.


3- Classroom presentations

  • Request a presentation Some topics include: Self-assessment, career decision making,4-year career plan, presentation skills, resume and cover letter writing, job search, interviewing. also we can customize a presentation/program to meet your needs. We can come to your classroom or you can pay us a visit we will be glad if you bring your class to our location. Whether you have 10 minutes or two hours, we would love the opportunity to talk with your students.
  • Request a tour of The Career Development Center.


4- Classroom Resources

Supplemental Instructional Materials

  • We have various of printed handouts that you may want to use to supplement your class lectures. (The topics include developing study skills habits, characteristics of a successful student, applying to graduate school, on-site interviews, cover letters, resume preparation, making the most of jobs fairs, first year on the job, interview skills, career planning for undecided students, and preparing your resume.

Specific Information about a variety of careers linked to certain majors

  • What can I do with this major? From this page, select the major you are interested. Once you have selected the major, a document with career options can be appear.

5-  Video Tutorials

The Career Development Center is ready to help you find career success. Explore our videos.

  • Resume writing tips and Formatting
  • Career fair preparation
  • Getting recommended
  • Interview skills
  • Career readiness
  • Networking to find job
  • Cover Letter writing
  • Before and after career fair
  • Elevator Pitch at the career fair

To know more about (CDC) services and resources, or if you have questions please visit us, or contact our office at (03) 4254319, 4252058, 42628756. (Ext: 3216)

Mobile & what’s app: 01102020126

Or send us an e-mail to : cdc@aast.edu



Chat on WhatsApp or send us an email to cdc@aast.edu


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