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By Joining the Career Advisor Network (iCAN) will be a great opportunity to get connected with the AASTMT students and Alumni and help them as they navigate their job search or career self-discovery.

Who can be a Career Advisor?

  • Any faculty, employer, professional, alumna/us or parent can participate in the Career Advisor Network (iCAN) to volunteer their valuable experiences, knowledge, and time to share. No matter what their job title or company.

What do I have to do as a Career Advisor?

  • Be willing to share your valuable knowledge and experiences. Occasionally someone may reach out to you to ask your advice on a certain topic or to hear about your experiences and perspectives. Provide feedback; someone may want to practice their interviewing with you, or want you to review their resume.

As an advisor, you can:

  • Import your profile information from LinkedIn, if desired
  • Indicate typical times of availability for advising calls
  • Accept or decline any specific request.
  • Ask the student or the advisee to prepare specific information or questions in advance.
  • Select if you would like to offer career conversations, resume critiques, and/or mock interviews
  • Contact the Career Development Center (CDC) if you have additional feedback about specific advisees beyond the advice you give directly to the advisee

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