Alumni Services

Alumni Career Services

As AASTMT alumnus, you have access to our wide variety of career services and resources that can help you achieve your goals.
>  Career Assessments
>  Career counseling
>  Resume development and critique
>  Interview preparation and mock interviews
>  Career Resource Center
>  Career shift advice
>  Workshops and Trainings
>  Networking
>  Mentoring
>  Assistance with graduate school applications and personal statements
Whether you looking for a job, considering a career change or just in need of a little advice, we are here to help. Contact us to meet with one of our career Development Center team member to get started.
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To know more about (CDC) alumni services, events and programs! or if you have questions please visit us, or contact our office at (03) 4254319, 4252058, 42628756. (Ext: 3216)
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