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Help your students plan their future and career, enjoying the education process, find jobs in their major. Sign up for a faculty account in Connect to see Career Development Center (CDC) services and resources. We make it easy for you to recommend specific services and or resources to your students. We encourage you to create your account If you already have an account, login to connect.
We can speak on a variety of topics including: self-assessment, choosing major, workshops (presentation skills, mind mapping, developing study skills habits, etc.)
Resume writing, 4-year career plan, job searching, networking, interviewing skills, and more. If you would like the Career Development Center to present to your class,
please contact us to let us know how we can help.
To know more about (CDC) services and resources, or if you have questions please visit us, or contact our office at (03) 4254319, 4252058, 42628756. (Ext: 3216)
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