The career Development Center at AASTMT provides a variety of services and programs that will help you connect with AASTMT students and alumni. You’ll find a lot of opportunity to engage, identify, and hire an outstanding talent for your organization.
Our students and alumni are well prepared to contribute to your organization’s success You will realize that AASTMTS students and Alumni.
They are Known for their work ethics, professional preparation, and a willingness to contribute at any level at your organization.
Career Development Center provides a wide-range effective recruitment services and resources that will enlarge your talent pool when you have an internship opportunities or job vacancies.
Career Development Center will help you save time and effort and get well prepared ready talents to be part of achieving your organization’s goals.
we welcome you to visit our campus and get involved and register in our website and log-in for free through (Connect) and get to know all our services and resources that are available for you.
Using our Connect will help you, if you wish to post and upload job or internship opportunities for AASTMT students and Alumni. You will find registration instructions, posting instructions, as well as information and guide on how to explore and navigate the applicants list, and how to receive and review resumes, and following up with applicants.
Sincerely we appreciate your interest in recruiting AASTMT students and Alumni. We are honor and enthusiastically looking for the opportunity to partner with you to find the best interns or graduates to achieve your organization’s goals.
For more information regarding (CDC) services and resources for employers, please contact Career Development Center or stop by (CDC) office during our Drop-In Hours (10:00 am – 9:00 p.m. on weekdays), or contact us at (03) 4254319 – 4252058 – 468756 EXT: 3216.
Mobile / WhatsApp: 01102020126
or e-mail us at: to schedule an appointment with one of our teams.




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