Parent’s Guide

We really appreciate your support.

How can you support your student in their career? Here are our ideas:

  1. Please encourage your student to visit the Career Development Center (CDC) and take benefits of our services and resources. We have specialized career services and resources for first-year students to senior year and after graduation.  The first year is a great time to learn more about their strengths and unique talents they hope to share with a potential employer. Your encouragement will mean a lot.


  1. Talk with your student about their experiences at AASTMT

Almost every experience they have on campus will help your student acquire the soft skills employers are looking for in new hires. Ask your student about what they are learning in and out of the classroom. (CDC) has a Career readiness program, specially designed for getting students ready for work place.

  1. Listen, discuss, and contribute to their career plans with an open mind. Listening with an open mind and encouraging them to explore possibilities is one of the best ways to help.  so encourage them to be better able to plan their next move. (We have a 4-year career plan, and we help students to set their goals and plans).


  1. Help identify personal and professional skills.

Sometimes college students do not think of the skills that would benefit them in the future. They may be thinking in the here and now of what will help them meet degree requirements, and what will help them to graduate. Assist your student by helping them determine what skills could be beneficial for their time at AASTMT and beyond.


(Our Focus 2 career assessment tools helps them in this regard)


  1. Be patient as the decision to major choice


Choosing a major that is right for you can be a daunting task for many students but does not need to be a burden! Students frequently change majors to what fits their skillset the best. Encourage your student to explore (What Can I do with this Major) in order to explore a wide range of topics. A major rarely dictates a specific job, so be patient and help assist your student in finding what major fits their skillset the best.


  1. Encourage your student to acquire experience. Through “internship.” Some companies offer internships, but what students should be seeking is “experience” which can take the form of a summer job, a volunteer opportunity. a research project, etc.  There are all kinds of great ways to gain the skills, knowledge, and talent needed to succeed in a career field. (Encourage your students to get involved in our internship program)


  1. Let us know about internship or job opportunities.

The AASTMT Career Development Center has two databases, Connect and Career Shift, that connect students with helpful information on internships and employment. If you have an opening at the company you work for and think it would be good for a AASTMT student, please let us know!

  1. Get involved with iCAN.

As soon as your student starts at AASTMT, you are welcome to join our (iCAN) Network. There are no fees or dues, and the (iCAN) is honored to be your link to the AASTMT.  (iCAN) is designed to ease the transition from college to career. The Career Advisor Network is a database platform made up of professionals, Employers, alumni, academics, and parents who are willing and eager to share their experiences. (iCAN) facilitates career conversations, resume reviews, and mock interviews among AASTMT faculty, professionals, employers, alumni, students, parents, and friends. And help you further your career beyond your time here at AASTMT.

share your interests. iCAN helps students and alumni find the expertise they need to fulfill their professional goals, including getting insight into specific industries, job functions, and graduate programs.


10.Prepare to navigate the post-graduation transition.


One of the biggest transitions for students is the one from college to employment or graduate school. The AASTMT Career Development Center can help with this transition by providing resources such as career advising, workshops, résumé and cover letter assistance, and more. (Please, encourage your student to check our courses, workshops)


11.Finally, you can help us by sharing any employment opportunities at your place of work.

If you are in a position to provide more direct assistance in the employment of AASTMT students, Alumni. Please contact our Employer relation executive directly to work it out.



To know more about (CDC) services and resources, or if you have questions please visit us, or contact our office at (03) 4254319, 4252058, 42628756. (Ext: 3216)

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