Career shift

Career Shift

In today’s work environment all the way through our careers, you may find yourself Stuck in a job that isn’t you and in a role that takes more from you than it gives in terms of money, pleasure, or energy.
Have you been in your career for a while? and you’re starting to wonder if the path you’re on is truly the best fits you.

Is It Time for a Career Change?

It is not easy to answer that question!
Before answering, ask yourself, Are you Ready for a career change, but have no idea what else you could do – or how to start? Sometimes people make a jump without following the ideal way for career change. Change never happens overnight, and the same is true of career change.

Change is never easy, particularly if you are trying to move into an entirely new field. But change isn’t impossible. At the Career Development Center (CDC) we have created a career shift tool kit, it includes: instructions, quizzes, and workshops that will enable you make a successful transition into a new career.
“It is possible to transition into a new job but it takes time and work. “

To know more about career shift (Toolkit and resources), please contact the Career Development Center (CDC):

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