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Even after you graduate The Career Development Center appreciates an ongoing relationship with AASTMT alumni. Whether you are a (B.Sc., MBA, or DBA)., the Career Development Center is still here for you. We’ll support you in every step of your journey the Career Development Center (CDC) can support you with your career planning, transition and job search by providing access to career development center services, tools, and resources, such as, career assessments, exploration, planning, counseling, career shift, workshops, training, online job boards, job fairs, and networking opportunities with employers.
If you have career-related questions? The Career Development Center (CDC) at AASTMT provides career assistance to all AASTMT alumni a (B.Sc. MBA or DBA). There are a wide-range of services and resources available at (CDC) to you.
The Student-Alumni Career Connections is an online database of AASTMT alumni who are willing to provide career advice, resource, mentoring and more. this service is open to AASTMT students and alumni. Join AASTMT Connect to Contact alumni and network your way to success!
To access the system as a MENTEE:
• Log in to your AASTMT Connect account.
• After you have logged in you will find a pdf document “Mentee fact sheet”

• To access the system as a MENTOR:
• You may create an alumni account using AASTMT Connect
• After you have logged in you will find a pdf document “Mentor fact sheet”

To begin, we ask you to create your account through Connect and completing your profile Form. After completing your profile, we will confirm your credentials and activate your account.
The CDC staff is standing by to meet with you and discuss all your career development needs, recommendations, and advice.
For more information regarding our services, resources visit our web site and to schedule an appointment, please , visit our office , or send us an email :

Or call us at:

03-4254319 / 03-4252058/ 03-4268756 EXT: 3216
Mobile/WhatsApp: 01102020126

Call center :19838



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