Developing Skills

Developing Skills

This is the stage where you will take action to make sure that you are heading on the right path towards your career direction. without appropriate and relevant experience and skills in the world-of-work students will not be competitive in their entry-level full-time job search. Our Services at CDC can assist you in developing and enhancing the skills you need to succeed in your career and accomplish your goals. These skills can be applied to various careers, not just one career. CDC prepares students through a series of training, workshops, events, and panels. Such as, promoting skills and competencies employers need in the workplace “Career Readiness”, Creating an effective resume and cover letter, develop and practice your interview skills. Participate in Experiential Learning, research graduate schools and write a personal statement, conduct informational interviews and build your network determine a potential career through, connect you to internships and relevant part-time and summer jobs, workshops, training courses. 

Some questions to ask yourself include:

  • Do I know what majors would be most relevant to my career goals?
  • Do I know the skills that are necessary in the fields I have chosen?
  • How do I gain the necessary skills to be marketable to employers and graduate schools upon graduation?

Important Factors to remember:

  • Career development is NOT an event – it is a proactive process—
  • Choosing a major in college does not pre-determine your entire professional career—there are lots of career paths that you will have the opportunity to explore
  • Choosing a major in college does not mean that you have to give up your other areas of interest—find extracurricular activities to supplement your other interests
  • Your priorities, interests and skills will shift over time
  • Career development and decision making takes time and effort.
  • When developing your career action plan, keep your end goals in mind.
  • ALL of your experiences, whether they are job-related or not, impact your career choices
  • Keep an open mind and be open to opportunities that present themselves
  • No one career could possibly meet ALL of your needs—choose the best fit career option
  • As necessary, it will be important to review and evaluate your career decisions on a regularly to ensure that they are still compatible with your priorities, interests and values

There are a several ways to connect with the Career Development Center. We offer many services and resources to help you along the way in developing and achieving your career goals.

For more information please contact CDC office:

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